Morocco: Student Exchange with Israel… What is next? The head of the Israeli mission, David Guverin, announced the start of a student exchange program in schools and universities between Morocco and the Israeli occupation state after a phone call was made between Moroccan Education Minister Said Amzazi and his counterpart from the occupying entity Yoav...كروس-Recovered.jpg-lyvf-مغرب-001.jpg

Israelis Roaming Free In Morocco The Moroccan and Israeli Interior Ministers Discussing a Mutual Exemption of Visas After years of banning Israelis from entering the country, Israeli citizens will be enabled to enter Morocco without the need to obtain a visa. The news was spread through the Israeli media outlets, but the Arab media did...تويتر-0.jpg

Morocco welcomes the first Israeli plane After announcing normalization with the Israeli occupation state and reestablishing political liaison offices between Rabat and Tel Aviv, Morocco’s airport received on Tuesday December 22, 2020, the first direct flight from Tel Aviv to the city of Rabat. The flight had US-Israeli delegation to discuss means of cooperation between...

The defeated President Donald Trump, announced on “Twitter” that the Morocco king has pledged to normalize ties with the occupation state, for Rabat to be among cities of shame after Khartoum, Manama, Abu Dhabi, Amman and Cairo, and Riyadh is not very far away. Trump deliberately chose the 72nd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of...
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تطبيع ميتر مؤسسة غير ربحية تهدف لأن تصبح النافذة الأكثر توثيقا وفضحا لمواقف المطبعين وأرشفة مواقفهم في المنطقة العربية وحول العالم