“Normalisation agreements would stop annexing lands and end violations against Palestinians” THEY LIED     Ahmed Aboul Gheit, secretary of the Arab League and the person in charge of protecting Palestine justified the crime of normalization agreements by the UAE and Bahrain claiming that it was in favor of the Palestinians because it stopped annexing...تويتر-انجليزي-1.jpg

Mohamed Al Khaja: The Unprecedented Shame Once again, affiliates of the UAE system affirm that they deserve titles of treachery and betrayal. Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Khaja, the first ambassador of the UAE to Israel, and although he is not the first Arab ambassador to the occupying entity, he is the first to attempt to consolidate the...العرب-تويتر.jpg

Bin Zayed: Dispersing Arabs and Reuniting Jews On Sunday January 10, 2021, the Emirates News Agency and Israeli newspapers published news about Abu Dhabi reuniting two families of the Jews of Yemen in Abu Dhabi after two decades of separation. According to media sources, the UAE authorities were able to reunite two families of Yemeni...تويتر-1-2.jpg

An Israeli study: Most Arab people reject normalization with the Zionist entity and consider it treason While Arab regimes rushed to normalize with the occupying entity following the steps of the UAE ruler and the first traitor, Mohammed bin Zayed; many Israeli research centers conducted studies assessing popular opinions in various countries which signed the...

Brief Bio: Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, born March 11, 1961. He is the third son of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Thanks to his continuous efforts to commit human rights violations inside and outside the Emirates, the UAE is no longer a European country in an eastern Land. Rather, its reputation...
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