Morocco Silences Voice Rejecting Normalization Recently, the Moroccan government realised the existence of the Corona pandemic, only to use it for different reasons other than taking medical and preventive measures.On Monday evening March 29, the Moroccan authorities decided to prevent the protest of The Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Against Normalization to be held...كروس-Recovered-حؤ-011-321.png

Arab Newspapers: Would The Normalization Agreements Decide Netanyahu’s Victory Over His Rivals? Arab’s newspapers have discussed Benjamin Netanyahu’s strength and weakness in the election round of the Israeli occupation state, especially with the normalization agreements signed by some Arab countries with him in order to win the round over his competitors in the elections, in...كروس-Recovered-eg-0231.jpg

Tunisian Parties Accuse Youssef Chahed of Treason Media sources confirmed that former Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed will participate in a normalization conference in the UAE on Wednesday, March 24. By joining the conference, Chahed will lead normalization in Tunisia with the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine, and would follow in the footsteps of normalizing...كروس-Recovered-061135-1.jpg

Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign, has been recruited by Mohamed Bin Salman to speak in an eloquent way, to improve his image, and demonize everyone opposing him. In shameful statements to the English Arab News Channel, Al-Jubeir boasted about Saudi Arabia’s “molten” stance on normalization.He began his speech in defense of the...تويتر-انجليزي-2.jpg

Tunisian Novelist Kamel Riahi: UAE Money in Exchange for Normalization A widespread debate erupted between writers and thinkers about the crime of cultural normalization with Israel, sparked by an obscure director of a government institution, who suddenly turned into a wealthy Arab with Emirati money, in return for normalization with Israel. Two weeks ago, the...كروس-Recovered-eg-011.jpg

What Plans Israel has For the UAE? “The next step is very, very close.”, said one of the health sector officials of the occupation entity, commenting on the Israeli news that a medical team from the largest Israeli hospitals travelled to Dubai to provide treatment services to security personnel in the UAE. Under a 3-year...
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