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Dubai’s Money in Tel Aviv: Unprecedented Trade Exchange between UAE and Israel

Dubai’s Money in Tel Aviv: Unprecedented Trade Exchange between UAE and Israel

Unusually news like this would be published in Hebrew newspapers, which have always celebrated their “achievements” in normalization with Arab countries despite the popular Arab rejection of the occupation.

دبي تستقبل وفد من مستوطني الضفة لتسويق منتجاتهم في الامارات | رام الله

This time the UAE, a regime even more vicious than its counterpart in Israel, announced the news through its media office of the Dubai government which published its achievements report in the second half of 2020, including raising the value of trade exchange between Dubai and Israel to one billion dirhams ($272 million) after five months of normalization, with about 325 million dirhams in imports and 607 million dirhams for exports.

ألمانيا ترعى أول لقاء بين وزيري خارجية إسرائيل والإمارات – (صور) | القدس  العربي

The UAE shared this news as if it did it itself well by sitting at a dining table with murderers of Arabs and Muslims in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, and Egypt.

Israel and the UAE agreed to normalize relations last August, and economic cooperation between the country was at its maximum levels, with 3 sectors at the forefront of that partnership, which began gradually with a visit of an Israeli banking delegation to the UAE and the signing of joint cooperation agreements in technology and hi-tech, oil and scientific research.

Earlier last year, the first direct commercial flight between Israel and the UAE took off, carrying an American-Israeli delegation headed by White House advisor Jared Kushner, and Emirates NBD signed a memorandum of understanding with Bank Hapoalim, one of the largest banks in Israel, as the banking industry constitutes a fourth prosperous sector in the relations between the two countries.

Praising phrases

The statement of the UAE government used praising words in describing the Israeli side, stressing that “the scientific research sector in various fields is one of the sectors that the UAE attaches importance to, and the same applies to Israel in the fields of medicine, diseases, and fertilizers, in addition to artificial intelligence and other research.”

توقيع أول اتفاق تجاري بين الإمارات وإسرائيل لتطوير أبحاث خاصة بفيروس كورونا

“At a time when the UAE is the Arab capital for most of the major companies around the world, especially in the fields of Internet and browsing, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Israel is also considered through the city of” Herzliya”, which is described as the Israeli Silicon Valley, a destination for the world’s largest companies” the statement added.

Earlier last month, Emirati and Israeli companies signed contracts to develop research in order to cooperate to create a test to detect the Coronavirus, which is safe and quick, for the UAE to preserve the lives of Israelis!

“The advanced technology sector in Israel constitutes more than 40% of its exports, according to data from the Israeli Bureau of Statistics. Therefore, it calls itself “the nation of emerging companies”, which means that the UAE will benefit from this sector “.

“Israel is considered a pioneer in the field of smart agriculture, whether in its domestic markets or major countries on the African continent, through the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture and agricultural crops in various environmental conditions. It has world pioneering companies in the field of water purification, including ADI, which has established 400 stations in 40 countries, while the UAE relies on desalinating sea water to provide drinking water.

Regarding Israel’s gains from this cooperation, “While Israel is a main importer of crude oil, the UAE is a major producer of crude oil in the world and it is classified as the sixth-largest country with reserves in the world, with a total daily production of 3 million barrels.” The UAE may become a net source of oil and gas to Israel, as African and European countries, in addition to the US, are exporters of crude oil and gas to Israel, which is very costly.

The government statement goes on celebrating its achievements saying: “While airports were considered a transit point for Israeli passengers to the east of the world, the UAE airports, and specifically Abu Dhabi and Dubai, would benefit from the increase in the number of passengers through their airports, by activating civil aviation between the two countries”.

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