Dhahi Khalfan: An Arab If Arabs Are Originally Zionists!

Dhahi Khalfan: An Arab If Arabs Are Originally Zionists!

Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan did not want to end 2020 without causing a hubbub befitting a personality like his, where he confirmed his total loyalty to the policies of his traitorous rulers, the sponsors of treachery in our various Arab countries.

On December 21, 2020 he tweeted attacking the Yemeni people by saying “If the Arabs are of Yemen origins, then I am not an Arab”.

his tweet was shocking for many, although Dhahi Khalfan is known for his love of wars against Arabs, and making peace with the Israelis, as he took advantage of all the opportunities for normalization with the occupying Zionist entity, and deepening relations with them, and creating a friendly atmosphere with them.

Dhahi Khalfan

Dhahi Khalfan rejects his Arabness if it is from Yemen, but he condemns those who reject the presence of Israelis in Arab countries, claiming that their origins are Arab. Those who lived in these lands are Jews, but the General ignores the difference between “the Jewish religion” and the Zionist approach that seeks to destroy everything under the skies of our beautiful countries.

The contradictory Dhahi

Dahi Khalfan is known to be a man of contradictions, without having shame or dignity; after the disgrace agreement concluded by his masters –the normalisation agreement- he said that reconciliation with Israel “serves the security of the region, Arabs and Jews, and reduces the gaps between all parties.”, while praising the military strikes of Bin Zayed against the innocent people in Yemen, and believes in peace with the occupying entity while destroying the Palestinians, their future and whipping off their history.

Dahi Khalfan is known to be a man of contradictions

Before his masters normalise with Israel, Khalfan demanded that we stop saying “the Israeli enemy” and use the “Israeli friend” instead.

Where is the problem for the Zionists to become our friends? Why do we still call them enemies? Do we have revenge with them? Do they make our children orphans? Did they make our women widows? Did they kill the babies of our women???

He considers them friends despite all the blood on their hands.

Satan becomes an angel only in the eyes of fools!

His statements are not surprising at all. He describes the Palestinian resistance as terrorist organizations because it defends the land and seeks to take back their seized rights by the occupying entity, while he ignores the practices of the terrorist acts of the Zionists who use lethal weapons, more oppressive and bloody means to seize legal rights of others.

All roads lead to normalization

Dhahi Khalfan used a number of arguments – which he found logical – to convince the Arabs of the possibility of establishing a state for the Zionists among them.

At one time, he used the generosity of the Arabs, asking them to give up one of the 22 Arab-speaking countries to Israel, and at other times he tried to take advantage of the Iranian-Arab conflict, using the famous saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to repel Iranian expansion. He also tried to exploit the Arab-Arab conflict, such as the war in Yemen, as a pretext that would lead to the same shameful result: the normalization of relations with the Zionists.

The most provocative argument of his flimsy claims is that he attributed the origin of the conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs, to the marriage of the Prophet of God Ibrahim to mother Hajar – the mother of Ismail father of the Arabs – as a second wife alongside his first wife mother Sarah, calling on the Arabs to go beyond what the Israelis did, as an expression of their anger at this marriage!!

He clearly disregard the pain of the Palestinians, and diminished the horror of the eternal historical conflict that will never be resolved with a stroke of a pen between parties that sides of the main conflict, but he is only seeking to end the cause in exchange for cheap interests and sordid values.

Palestine is Arab, and Arabism will continue to be proud of it. Arabism will only pass through free and noble blood, to those who will not bow before an aggressor or an usurper, no matter how many battles it will have to go through.

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