Despite the fabricated history: UAE Documents the History of Israel and Promotes its Culture

Despite the fabricated history: UAE Documents the History of Israel and Promotes its Culture

The Emirati media boasted of launching a new initiative to deepen cultural dialogue with the Israeli occupation entity. They boasted that they would become a tool in the hands of the usurping state in order to promote its false history, phantom civilization and false heritage.

The UAE company, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, announced the launch of a series of seminars entitled “Film Dialogue: From Father and Father to Israel,” which was commented by the occupation media saying, Nations and peoples. The series will be organised in cooperation with the Israeli Film Fund, to enhance the exchange of cultural content and supporting filmmakers in both countries.

According to this project, the series of seminars will focus on a number of vital topics related to the fields of production, development of talented cadres and film directing in Abu Dhabi and Israel, in addition to independent seminars presented by a number of film directors to address issues related to financing feature films.

The first symposium was held on March 24, and the list of speakers included Hans Fraiken, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Lisa Shiluch Osrad, Executive Director of the Israeli Film Fund, and Assaf Amir, President of the Israel Film and Television Academy, Directors: Abdullah Al Kaabi, Ali Faisal Mustafa, and Iran Riklis.

On the sidelines of the webinar, dialogue sessions will be held with the audience to discuss the symposium topics on a larger scale with these speakers, led by representatives of Image Nation Abu Dhabi, twofour54 and the Israeli Film Fund.

The webinar series comes within a framework agreement for cultural cooperation, based on the principles of good intentions, concluded by the Abu Dhabi Film Committee with the Israel Film Fund and the Sam Spiegel School of Film Production.

A shared mission': Israel officially receives first-ever UAE ambassador |  The Times of Israel

Mohammed Mahmoud Al Khajah, the UAE ambassador to Israel, and Eitan Naeh, representative of the diplomatic mission at the Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi, will deliver a keynote address on the importance of enhancing cooperation in the film and television sector between the two countries.

UAE’s position of strengthening its relations with Israel in all fields. Some may explain the exchange of relations in the fields of economy and technology aimed at strengthening the financial position of the Emirates, but what is behind strengthening relations in the cultural and social fields? When have the UAE abandoned Arabism, nationalism and patriotism?

Who taught these rulers that Israel has a history and culture in the first place, so that they contribute to spreading, promoting, and introducing it to the Arab community???

When did this newly formed country -which did not exist about 70 years ago- have a civilization, history, heritage and culture?

 The only history it has, is that it was established after a group of armed Zionist gangs attacked the Palestinians and they forcibly expelled them from their homes and seized them after committing the most heinous massacres against them.

So what is the UAE is boasting about and promoting for?

Their culture is bloody, their heritage is rape, and their civilization is theft and seizer.

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