“Assad Remains in Power in Exchange of Normalization”

“Assad Remains in Power in Exchange of Normalization”

Russia sponsoring a Secret Agreement that will be Revealed Soon

During a time in which Assad killed far too many Syrian people compared to those killed by the Zionist military, Assad has always been fortified as the leader of the axis of resistance against the occupation, and the last remaining Arab regime in the bastion of right-wing Arab nationalism.

However, this myth is in the past now, in a country torn by the barrels of the regime, forming the largest numbers of refugees around the world, and a regime controlled by the Russian occupation and its militias; today it seems that Russia is imposing today a new Syrian solution in Russia’s interest and the secret word is Israel.

Igor Sobotin, a Russian researcher in international affairs, who is close to Russia’s militia in Syria, confirmed that after Syria and Israel managed to exchange prisoners, through Russia’s mediation, speculation about the imminent rapprochement between the two Middle Eastern countries, Syria and Israel, became significantly more frequent.

الأسد ينفي أي مفاوضات سرية مع إسرائيل ويتحدث عن شروطها | عنب بلدي

The London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper revealed the contents of negotiations older than ten years, which could theoretically have led to a complete normalization of relations between the Israeli and Syrian authorities. Shortly before the outbreak of civil conflict in Syria, Bashar Al-Assad was ready to sign a peace agreement with his southern neighbors.

Sources confirm that the Prime Minister of the Jewish state, Benjamin Netanyahu, was at that time “ready for a complete withdrawal from the Golan Heights if the Syrians agreed to a peace agreement that includes a change in their regional approach and severing ties with Iran.”

The Russian expert added that interest in normalization at that time, according to some notes, came from Assad himself. This mentioned, in particular, in the diaries of former US Secretary of State John Kerry.

American diplomat Robert Ford says: “Although it will be difficult for Assad to sign a peace agreement with Israel if he does not get big concessions in return, because he now feels the need to be supported by Iran, its militia, and Hezbollah. If they leave Syria, who will help the regime in controlling the Syrian suburbs, the governorates of Homs, As-Suwayda, and part of Daraa?

An Imminent Deal

The former American diplomat expressed confidence that the USA would not sympathies with Assad, even if he agreed to the peace agreement. “There are limits to what can be offered in exchange for a peace deal, but Russia will take care of that,” Ford concluded.

Al-Hadath TV published news about an Israeli delegation at the Hmeimim base that met with Assad’s delegation, for this to be the second time, after a first meeting in Cyprus with Russian sponsorship.

Russian Sponsorship

Russian sponsorship is a necessity for Bashar, where there are Iranian speeches threatening Tel Aviv, as it spares him from embarrassment so that he appears that he was obliged to accept the holding of the meetings under Russian pressure, where the Israeli demands removing Iranian forces and militias.

Moscow was unable to meet the Israeli demands to deport the Iranian militias, so Israel knows for sure Assad’s inability to do so. The negotiations, most likely with a Russian proposal, are about the future.

 The deal that Assad and Moscow want is acceptance of the principle of the withdrawal of Iranian militias within a final settlement in which the other parties also withdraw and he remains in power. While Tel Aviv is marketing its stay with the US administration, including easing the blockade on Syria, perhaps starting with ending the Arab boycott and the Gulf in particular.

Moscow has previously sought negotiations between Assad and Riyadh and between Assad and Ankara, in an attempt to break the siege imposed on him. Before that, it sought to consolidate its role as an international power that sponsors regional agreements apart alone, without Washington.

The expected outcomes from the negotiations with Tel Aviv are important because of its direct connection to Washington, but it does not fall within the Trump administration’s plan for normalization between Israel and the Arab authorities, as normalization between Israel and Assad is not an entitlement before the two parties, it is already done long ago.

In short, Assad has transcended the old need for the slogan of hostility to Israel, as none of his loyalists or opponents believe his old lie, and the massacres that he committed undermine the importance of having relationship with Israel.

Assad will never have peace with Israel, and because of him he will be received as an exceptional guest in Tel Aviv.

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