Arab Newspapers: Would The Normalization Agreements Decide Netanyahu’s Victory Over His Rivals?

Arab Newspapers: Would The Normalization Agreements Decide Netanyahu’s Victory Over His Rivals?

Arab’s newspapers have discussed Benjamin Netanyahu’s strength and weakness in the election round of the Israeli occupation state, especially with the normalization agreements signed by some Arab countries with him in order to win the round over his competitors in the elections, in light of a complex electoral process that the Zionist entity is witnessing for the fourth time in two years.

The opinions of analysts and writers varied whether Netanyahu would remain in power. Some expected his failure to form a new government, and some saw that he is still strong and that some countries’ normalization agreements contributed to his strength. Others believed that the normalization agreements cannot help the failure of the Zionist entity, which has accumulating crisis.

Al-Sabeel Jordanian newspaper

In its discussion of normalization and its influence on Netanyahu’s recent elections, Al-Sabeel said that Netanyahu, would not hesitate to do anything in order to continue to lead the government, so his quest for normalization was in order to include some Arab parties in his electoral battle, as well as using the surplus Corona vaccines for malicious political purposes.

The New Arab Newspaper

In the same context, The New Arab newspaper said that the one clinging to power, referring to Netanyahu, is seeking by all possible means to remain by using normalization agreements with some Arab countries, which may indeed be a trump card for Netanyahu in the elections, and may even bring him victory in these elections, which is taking place for the fourth time.

Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam

The Palestinian Al-Ayyam accused some Arab countries of having replaced the issue of the Iranian threat that afflicts it, with the issue of Palestine, and they were the greatest savior of the occupying settler state, as the normalizer countries sought, through their agreements with the Israeli occupation, to help Netanyahu before, during and after the elections in order to continue ruling, at a low price, especially the country that began investing in the economy of the Zionist occupation state.

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Lebanese News

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar saw that the Zionist entity is a ramshackle kingdom and its elections are focused on one thing, which is the person of Netanyahu, and that there are many indicators that may contribute to Netanyahu’s success after most polls gave him votes more than his rivals.

It also attributed the point of disagreement during the previous elections to settlement with the Palestinians and the Arabs; however settlement is now a finished matter as some Arab regimes rushed to normalize with the Netanyahu government. This resulted in making the settlement an ineffective issue in the elections and gives no strength for his rivals.

The Jordanian Constitution

The newspaper believed that Netanyahu’s myth has ended, despite the wide support by some Arab regimes to keep him in the leadership of the Zionist occupation government.

The Constitution newspaper also saw that his departure is soon, especially since he lost the strongest leverage that contributed in keeping him, which was exemplified by the presence of Trump as president of America, as he was the one who offered things no one else could offer, especially the normalization agreements with some Arab regimes, despite the objection of their peoples, so it expected his failure in the elections.

The results of the elections that took place last Tuesday showed that the conservative Likud party led by Netanyahu and his allies did not achieve a majority in the 120-seat Knesset, raising the possibility that Netanyahu would seek some kind of alliance with the united Arab list.

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