“I Meet Your Mother and You Meet Mine”… Al-Abbar for Supporting Arab-Israeli Social Relations

“I Meet Your Mother and You Meet Mine”… Al-Abbar for Supporting Arab-Israeli Social Relations

The statements of businessman Mohammed Al-Abbar, President of the Emirati Emaar Real Estate Company, during his speech at the joint Emirati-Israeli economic conference, held on the side-lines of the “GITEX” conference, caused great dissatisfaction as he called for the prioritising the deepening of social relations between the Emirati and Israeli peoples. He stressed that strengthening cooperation in the economic field between his country and the occupying entity is based on the strengthening of social relations.

Al-Abbar that “business with Israel will inevitably happen, but I am talking about your visit to my mother, my visit to your Israeli mother, and that our children communicating with each other.”. In response to this statement activists stated such normalization carries an imminent danger and that, if achieved, it will be a painful betrayal to the Arab and Islamic nation, and the Palestinian cause, and those who died defending their lands and sanctities.

Al-Abbar’s statements came after Abu Dhabi and Manama rushed to sign two normalization agreements with the Israeli occupation state on September 15, 2020, under the auspices of US President Donald Trump, before his defeat in the presidential elections to his rival, Joe Biden.


Who is Al-Abbar?

He is Mohammed bin Ali Al-Abbar, born in Dubai, UAE. He was chosen as a member of the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai in his capacity as Director of the Department of Economic Development, and one of the main assistants to Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Al-Abbar also held several positions, including Director General of Gulf Investments and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emaar Properties, and participates in the boards of directors of several institutions in Dubai.

The Israeli occupation media has shed light on the Emirati businessman since he participated in the Bahrain workshop, which supported the implementation of the first steps of the “deal of the century”, describing him as “the man who loves Israel.”

What do you say to the Israeli people?

During his participation in the Bahrain conference, and in response to a question addressed to him by the official Hebrew Radio Kan correspondent; “What do you say to the Israeli people?” Al-Abbar said, “We all live in the same cold little planet. We have duties towards families, duties towards the societies that they live in. We live in it, have obligations to our neighbors and the world. “

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